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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ohhhh, I just woke up. Haven't even had the first real stretch of the day---or coffee, neither. Ohhhh. (Yawn)Slept in, I did. Went to bed at 7:30 last night. Got my Andy on this morning (Andy Williams Christmas) and I am thinking on a few things. Like how much there is to learn about Planet Airedale (I am reading Aire-Tales newsletter from Lydia. Like how my body and its rhythms are so "ON" with the seasons. The time of aestivation (sp?) has come. I am "awake" for about three hours every morning from 4 am-ish to about 7 am and the rest of the time, I am lethargic, quiet inside, want only cozy, warm things, want to snuggle, want tea, want to listen to stories, tell them, or read them, want to locate corners for napping, want sweaters, want certain foods-noodles, bread, soup, carbs...how working out is essential for body/mind/spirit/mood-maintenance and how it is mud to do it--it's haarrrdd. But I'm doing it at least 4 times per week. Plus long walks with the dog. Ok, then.

I really found some thoughts yesterday in James and the Giant Peach that I wanted to share this morning, but the book is at school, so I found some others. From that lovely book, A Mystic Garden. Consider, enjoy, taste--
The young, the old,
the rotten, the fertile,
the ugly, the beautiful,
the poisonous, the sublime,
the forgotten, the remembered--
all belong in the infinite mix.
Are they not part of soil?
There is nothing that is without use---
nothing left out of the whole.
You are there, part of the Holy.
-----Gunilla Norris


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