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Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's hard to get going this morning.
...And going we are.
Coffee's settling in. Music on. Getting ready to do lesson plans for the next month or so.
Cedar and I enjoyed a quiet walk in the misty rain this morning.
I saw something that made me chuckle--a window ledge with the blind raised just so and on each end a pair of eyes and furry ears watching Himself as he sauntered by, oblivious to them but starting the alarm sequence for the child's truck that was on the sidewalk up ahead. It was a sweet chuckle moment when my legs were still warming up and I was figuring out my left from my right.
It's been an enjoyable couple of days. We had rehearsal yesterday and again today. The Yuletide concerts begin tomorrow. Also went to the Nutcracker last night with friends. It, too, was enjoyable. As a rule, I do not enjoy ballet...too technically expressive for me. But there is something special about the Sendak/Stowell Nutcracker--all of it and their incorporation of the imaginative, of Mozart, of timeless design and choreography and costume. The music speaks for itself.

Thinking on: How it is tough to disengage the "monkey mind" from chewing on stuff that a) is not my business b) never will be my business 3) doesn't matter 4) never will matter 5) will not make me happier, healthier, or in a better position to bring encouragement to another living being and 6)did I mention "is not my business". I have been having some direct, and gentle talks and interventions with myself this morning. I will be taking myself for a serious workout if it doesn't stop in the next hour.

Perhaps I will find a Christmas tree today. Haven't had one in several years. Plan to this year. I plan to have two. My mother used to let Julie and I have a little tabletop one in our bedroom growing up. (Maybe I am imagining this--but I sure love the idea of it)--so I plan to have one in my bedroom this year.

I also want to visit a place called "Wights" Nursery. I've seen their ads in the junk mail coming to Fair Isle. Looks kind of magical. The neighborhood is beginning to pop with lights. I like that, too.

Off to work--in my pajamas, with a cup of coffee, near my dog, Geo. Winston on, looking out the front window if I get stuck.


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