Mississippi Moments

Monday, December 01, 2008

Oh, t'is more of Heaven here at Fair Isle...Colleen's CD is playing and again and again....and the fire chatters and Cedar does his darndest to not fall asleep until there is no chance that there will not be scraps falling on the floor. OH, and I did more than just survive Yuletide #1..oh there was that...and there was the joy and energy of the Tara dancers and the practicing and wincing and "getting it". There was the 30 year old gnomie that went to Mom's house to get his hat and whatever else she can find fixed for the upcoming concerts. There was laughter and more than a few mixs-ups in the music department..but oh, there was Heart. And Love. And Joy. And Peace. And Connection. And Hope. And my father folding costumes and the A-Team working at the Cd table and plenty of new black tights to share...and Sara looking beautiful and who is working harder than just about anyone...and Haydn being the willful soul that he is paired up with the Barb who has held just about a million of his kind before...and a sold out concert with standing room only. And more of the celebration to come....maybe there will be room for Celtic line dancing in the future. I don't see Irish pole dancing fitting into the Yuletide scenario......Ahhh, and Lullabye is set to single play again and again...and then I hit Geordie and Bonnie Jean and Jackson & Jane and Sailor Boy.....sometimes Fairy Godmothers get their wishes, too.
p.s. I thought Linnet meant that last, wistful, wincing glance back as the ship pulls away from homeland and the wind caresses a tear-kissed face with a playful, hopeful finger looking forward....or a small, rare, plain brown bird that can sing like no tomorrow...and every tomorrow.


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