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Saturday, January 03, 2009

Use your best Mike Meyers accent here---"TRRREEE DOWWWNN!"
Yup, put away. And ALL decorations, lights, accoutrements, accents, collectibles, and other cool stuff from my mother, grandmother, great grandmother and school students over the decades consolidated into ONE TUB. With room to spare. Same with all the wrapping junk...AND #5 has a pointed challenge--How about getting creative and going the no wrap route to save resources, money, time, and landfill space. I'm liking that.

Also made spicy, curry-esque split pea, wild rice soup. And cleaned out some old rats' nests in the basement. One section at a time. And hung some angels outside. And two more inside for good measure.

Watched Cesar Milan teach a border collie how to use a treadmill. I'm on a mission here.

Also, I am in need/want of some travel posters of Scotland, Peru, Tuscany, Italy general, the Lake District, New Mexico.....wanna put them up when I am on the treadmill to fuel my dreams...

Heard from 3 school parents today that their children are READY TO COME BACK TO SCHOOL. I wonder who is more ready.

Now I am off to take down all the words of inspiration on the kitchen wall and put them in a Grace Journal. Maybe I will get to painting in there before new words and ideas present themselves for Inspiration, Soul Nourishment, and In the Moment Universe-ity.:)


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