Mississippi Moments

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tara show at the Center went very well.
Coli and her musician buddies were phenom.
The crowd was appreciative.
Loolie was sick and we missed her.
Maude texted as they watched the shuttle going up. How cool is that?
Now I am off for another walk with the Lads--this time in the wind and the setting sun.
The water is steel grey, rocky, and whipped.
Got to see Brenin and Haydn for a bit. Mom and Dad were across the way and many old-timers came by to give their blessings and wishes for a Happy St. Patrick's Day.
It's more than a wee bit better than this time last year. That's what I think.
I missed Mark and the usual crowd...and things change. I'm not going easy with this truth and will need to..or change the kind of boat I've built myself so it can weather the changes with a little more balance---or at least a decent cup holder for my tea.


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