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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Walkin', Singin', Playin' in a Winter?? Wonderland....
Had a wonderful 2 hour walk with the Lads this morning with coffee, AND Christmas jazz, and walking by my favorite antique shop on the corner of 65th and 3rd NW and then on up the hill--with BIG, FLAT, juicy snowflakes coming down all around us! Hardy tries to eat'em and Cedar tries to herd'em...it was a loverly time. Cesar would not approve of the coffee and the Christmas jazz in one ear, but I don't care. We all had a great walk and came home and snuggled in for breakfast and come Quiet Time. 2 blessed hours out there! Loverly.

The Tara dancers made it on the Seattletimes.com video of the parade. There they are dancing!:) Go Tara.

Me, not listing anymore--settlin' into a-right. Slept through most of the night--could not believe it! Medicine can be our glorious friend. And Gatorade type things that make you feel like you have muscles and not rubber in your legs. And watching quality movies between naps and doggie playtimes. Check out "The Ultimate gift". There is more napping on the list of to-do's today inbetween lesson planning, church, Tara show, and dogs.

Back to reading the paper. And watching the snow --uh, rain now---come down.


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