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Saturday, March 07, 2009

Call Me a Workin' Fool....or something much gentler.
Been at it all day and well into the evening...late evening.
Started with rompus, walks, more rompus, some training right off the 6 am bat. Then a bath, more rest for me. Brigie working on priming, patching and painting and watching out for "the lads". Me-off to Duvall for 2+ hour dance workshop. It was FULL.Both sessions. All ages. I had a ball. They want dancing once a month. I think I may do it. I really like the Duvall community. Then I worked on school stuff all afternoon at a local cafe with a cup of tea and watching the snow come down. Made me a little nervous. The concert tonight was excellent--Red Crow with my acquaintances Susan and Tony. The crowd wasn't so big because of the snow but those there were into it. Crumac, the very best the Northwest has to offer, came next. The crowd grew a bit but nowhere near the 300 they were expecting because of earlier interest. We were treated like the gods and goddesses that we are. Snork. The ceilidh portion was fun and went for one hour exactly. I was determined to get home before the next snowshowers hit. I managed to get very lost in Redmond and Fletcher on the phone helped to get me back home. More play with the dogs under the moon and with snow falling. Then into the house for treats, clean-up and bed. Which is where I am going next. It has been a long day. I managed to kill the burgeoning migraine with some Exedrin. May need some more tomorrow.


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