Mississippi Moments

Friday, February 13, 2009

Walk-About in a Japanese Garden
Star-Sister Jean and I went exploring today at the Kubota Gardens in South Seattle. This idyllic space once belonged to the Kubota Family. It was Mr. Kubota's passion, display garden, nursery, family home, connection from home to America, and classroom. There are several themed gardens within this one space. Tranquil,alive, simple, layered, a million different views at each turn and each setting spot. Dog-friendly. The robins and tohees were out and active today. Time melted away as we walked and delighted in nuances and little outbursts of spring. It is a special place. I plan to visit again and again.

Long nap. Dishes. More nap. Dog haircut and other maintenance. Wood hauling. Long winter night's nap. A beautiful day.


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