Mississippi Moments

Friday, May 01, 2009

Have you ever watched Swallow Ballet? At this time of evening, they swirl, dip, glide, and rotate high above one's head in loosely arc-ed spaces, a definite yet undefined rhythm and choreography. Later on these warm and wetter evenings, the ballet transforms itself laterally over glistened lake surface. It is quite spectacular.

Cedar and I have been out degrassing the front garden. We met some new to us neighbors and their dog named Sunny. They are in the process of adopting another rescue this weekend named Lily. We may meet her soon. It is sort of up to their cats, Dizzy and Roche (short for Ferocious). We had a nice chat.

Degrassing is somewhat tranquil if you are not in a hurry. And have nowhere to be. I rather enjoyed myself when I quit thinking about how much needed to be done and was just mindful of what was in front of me. Cedar keeps me company and lets me know if anyone is walking by. One year today was the second surgery. I was fussing earlier this morning about how much winter form weight I still have on my frame....and it was and is silly. I have more degrassing to look forward to and other tender tending in the garden this weekend. Things are open and expansive if I can just relax into here, now, yes.


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