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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Workin' the Steps...again.....
Really, I'm just reading them over and picking out things that stand out or need rereading from "Women Who Do Too Much, Love Too Much, Need Too Much, ...you get the drift.

Step One-Busyness/Adrenaline/Rushing/Distractiblity------"....we have become addicted to our own adrenaline rush. ...we functioned best under pressure.....we got nervous and tense when our lives got too quiet.....we needed our emotional arousal, our fix......we began to see that our rushes were exhausting our bodies, our beings......we have the hope of a new life and the possibility of living it in a new body."---Anne Wilson Schaef

Step Two (and these are in no order): Greater Power---"thank goodness we have the option for leaving both our innocent gullibility and our cynical sophistication....we can let ourselves believe that all things are possible--not controllable--possible."--A.W.S.

Art of Mediation: "I am in the place between sun and moon, where the lightning-flash strikes."__Ross Nichols

"The purpose of Spirit is not known to us, but we do sometimes have the FEELING of being at the place where lightning strikes, the sense that we are called to conduct a feeling, a meaning, a purpose that is greater than ourselves, greater than our understanding."--Caitlin Matthews

"...perhaps that numbness was...contentment"--A.W.S.

"I'm just trying to make sense of what's going on...some kind of sense..."--EMR....."And it ain't working....and that's just how it is.....and I'm full of my Self .....because it seems to be working now that I go back and read my own post...and so it is.......with Blessing and Healing..and Contentment....


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