Mississippi Moments

Monday, March 23, 2009

MRI results came back..actually, I got up the nerve to call and find out. (Although it has been pointed out to me that there would have been word much before now if the results had been other than "GREAT" which is exactly what my team head doctor said...and she thanked me for the Healthy Brain and Healthy Parenting Resources I have suggested for her as she looks for the right school setting for her 3 and a half year old daughter.) This specialist is on faculty at UW and she has asked me at every consult now questions about what I recommend and what I perceive and what I suggest for her young learner. It feels good to me to be asked and affirmed.

Therapy and a shrunken head now are also helping. I am off for some quality dog cuddling time and then early to bed. It is softly and coldly raining.

Off to bed. With tea and dog.


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