Mississippi Moments

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I have tasted "Happy"...first time in a long time.
I put my hands in Mother Earth and began to pull some growing things. Got soil under my fingernails. Got that smell up in my nose. Dirtied my knees and sleeves. Cleared a small space for what will grow there--maybe blueberries, maybe not. Oh, YES!

Had a very good rest last night. First time in like forever. It's hard to find joy or to recognize what's right under your nose when and where you are exhausted. Probably will be the story of my life and...oh, well. I got my hands dirty this morning before school. That makes me HAPPY.

Worked out. That makes me happy. At least it balances things and opens the window for curiosity and humor in the moment.

Filters don't function in me when I am tired or upset. This has gotten me in trouble at work quite a bit lately and in my private life also. Those lessons keep coming for me to learn. Apparently, I need some more of those and I dread'em.

Adoption meeting went well. I may have already said that. Now I need the folks in Jonestown to say that I am not a felon or weirdo. Have to get that paperwork in. Good thing the director is in town this week. Did any of you who read this b-log have to get that kind of paperwork in when you wanted to have or raise a family? How about the number of noodles you typically eat on Tuesday nights or the brand of t-paper you prefer and its cultural significance to your family unit? Oh, and I forgot, the number of fleas you counted on your dog last season and your prediction for the upcoming season--notarized, of course.

I wanna trust the Lord. I wanna Keep the Faith. What Faith I don't know but the one that puts me near to Him and In Him. At the foot of the Cross with All that is Mine and Me. I wanna Hold on. I wanna Do what is right by My Lord and in the Eyes of My Lord. I just don't have a clue and it is so easy to get Lost these days.


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