Mississippi Moments

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Grant to us,
O Trinity of Grace,
from whom allLife freely flows
that no tie ever-strict,
no tie over-dear,
May be between ourselves and this world.
---Celtic Prayers from Iona

1 full day down. Worked hard to become comfortable with counting...funny thing...when do I NOT work hard?
Simplifying. Keeping my Self in a different, removed, objective place and wearing the "teacher" Self out there. I watch myself all day..sometimes the inner commentary is hilarious. Wearing make-up now, too. Choosing hip(per) outfits--thinking back to the days of San Diego. Retro 80's and early 90's are in now and I still have some of that stuff. HAH!! Staying in the classroom doing my work. Coming out to do my job and going home after. And miracles are happening. NO trauma, no drama, no crap-yet. And when it comes, I'll deal. Wish I could describe one of 'em(miracles) from yesterday. Let's just say that my attitude is reaping some of the positive and that simplifying has taken out much of the juice of my gifts and it is starting to be noticed and I am being asked not to leave it out. It's already done. Can't go back. Glad it's being noticed. Also, all the stuff I have done in the past to communicate what I have learned about the learners which has been branded "too much" in some quadrants is being used by the now-teachers of former students and I am being thanked for all the data, comments, and observations.Teachers are coming to me and thanking me and catching me in the hall. Whatever. It IS easier not to do all that. And maybe this will be the year of learning how to be good enough. Or just enough. Never done that before. Willing to give it a shot. And at being truly humble and relaxed, too. That might be asking too much. Now if the Curves in Ballard would just re-open from being flooded I could move some of this energy.....


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