Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I always do some of my best thinking on the treadmill with my puppy.
Until he farts.

And then I don't think. I laugh. And gag. And think different thoughts. I like how that works. Another of my new metaphors.

And it cracks me up how I always wake up sad, morose, or a combination of said.
And how things always look and feel better after caffeine, Curves, a walk, throwing some more things out, and time in a quiet place with hot water and indoor plumbing. And trying to find where that dog stole my shoes to. He is on a pretty tight leash at the moment--the little shit.

I do believe that finishing has its merits and how one finishes is important. But not right now. Now is about the Now.
And as I make the shift from the drudge and work of Doing to the Ease and Grace of Being, the right teachers, thoughts, and farts will come my way to help me when and where I need it most.

And that other unique problem that is keeping me righteously distracted. The birds won't stay the HELL out of my house!
First the raccoons, then rats, and mice, and wasps, then pigeons...now nuthatches or junkos. St. Francis I ain't.
Down the chimney pipe they come. Yesterday were number nine and ten. At 4'00 in the morning --explosion of feathers and frenzy and pupinator. And all I wanted was light and warmth and cozy and Kenny G. Christmas while I woke my old self up. And I didn't even know #10 wasn't out of the house until I came home from work and my clean dishes in the rack were no longer clean and all the candles were tipped over on the counter and the clock wasn't making bird sounds (it does on the hour and half) but there were bird sounds in the kitchen. Have a message into Sutter Home and Hearth. Will check with Home Depot today.
I feel pretty lucky.


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