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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Another Take....

"one day I awakend. and I said to myself this is going to be the best day and then I went to scool and no wut it was!"

This came across my desk this week. It was a cold prompt. Just write. About the best day or worst day of your life.

Here is another one:
I am L_____. the wst day. it al satid un Hween. i got mi costoom on. evrwn Laft at me. I haD a Bday the end (The picture shows a kid in a moose costume saying WAAA)

And another:
A good day
to d I wock up and i had brecfist in bed and i wint to school m itecher is rilly nise her name is missis r______ school is rile fun it was the best day ever i lick school a lot and i love mi techer she is the best techer i have ever had i have never had a nises techer like her i gust had reses i playd hot lava moster it wus fun we ar guna play it evere day i Love that game it is the best game ever alot of pepol playd that game the end.

What I am getting from this is:
Be. Here. Now.
Enjoy it.
Don't wear a moose costume on Halloween.


  • At 6:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    HA! Mme T.


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