Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

"Ranya: For me, whenever I need affirmation of my faith, I look around...to the stars, the moon above....The Islamic way is: Question, consider, think, reflect....."__The Faith Club, p. 103

Drinking in the stars we were, this morning. Early, early. Saying good morning to hawthorn trees and cats who dared set in the middle of the streets(cats were in the streets, the trees were staying put--although I've been reading Prince Caspian and apparently trees are quite mobile when they want to be). Looking at gardens of growing pumpkins and sunflowers. Some gardens already being put to bed for winter's rest. It is equinox. How to show this to 7 year olds who are into how many teeth are loose and if it our Big Toy recess. Hmmmmm....

I have begrudgingly acknowledged that I still take things way too personally and blow things out of proportion. Not sure why yet. But (*snirk*), will figure that one out so I can toss it with the recycling into the Cosmic Compost Pile. (Best fake Mississippi accent here) Ah don' need it no'mo'. Dun wi'that.

Buddhist puppy training is going well. And as Auntie Frannie says, Keep Pavlov in yer pocket. Been doing that, too, and it is working. Took Harper Tasche on my walk this a.m. AND coffee AND clicker and treats AND puppy....and drank in the stars, sniffed, listened to the pre-bird quiet, and thought thoughts.

Gonna try teaching dance today and see if the energy will flow into what is already living in this space.


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