Mississippi Moments

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Quiet Moments.
Pair. Share. Repair. Unsnare. Be "claire".
Over a cup of tea this morning, after a predawn walk near a lake, I watched a heron alight on the top branch of a noble fir.
Gives new meaning to the song "And a heron in an evergreen tree"..if anyone finds a heron tree topper, let me know.
Had a cup of tea afterward and watched the mist lift off the lake.
Deep breaths.
I love what Coli wrote something like this--Pretend that you are happy until your body/brain figure out that this is now how we do business.
That works for me.

Porker has a fixation on vents and drains. What a dog. He did fine in puppy kindergarten lesson #1 yesterday. He doesn't really know how to play but we learned some puppy play rules for fair play when we have puppy play at our house. Clicker and treats work much better than other ways on this little guy. A friend is making some agility things for us so we can begin to train at home. Youtube is a great resource for all kinds of "how to". I discovered Sheltie International Agility stuff on youtube this weekend. Heaven help us. The dogs never shut up. It is boring to watch the beginners and really fun to watch the upper eschelon dogs and people. I have a goal and a dream with this smarty-prance.
Until then....I'll fixate on tea, finishing these math and writing assessments, and painting a set of bookshelves. We shall see. I liked walking in the rain yesterday. And watching an old movie called Hound of the Baskervilles.


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