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Sunday, February 21, 2010

It is Lent.
Lent means springtime in old English. In old something, anyway.
I am writing this through tears.
I just finished one of my Christmas presents, a book entitled "Merle's Door" about a dog, and his human, about dogs, and humans, about life, about respect, understanding, communication, challenges, and LIFE TOGETHER. Beautifully, powerfully written. Went straight to my heart.
As it is Lent, I am not going to blog for awhile. Laisser tomber the blogging, facebook, reading the news, and talk radio.
Gonna get quiet. More quiet.

The quince blossoms have popped. So with some plum, forsythia, cherry, flowering currant, and other Harbingers.....
I am loving the light. the hope. the fresh. the being outside.
The stars are singing....and carrying wishes.
And the Love shared between dogs and their humans. Three of Mine are running with Joy and One is alseep on the couch.
I'll check in after I get back from Italy.


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