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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So tired I forgot to save all the work I did this afternoon on report cards and then accidentally deleted it all. Am I mad? No, rather amused. And Held. And glad for the work, the home, the health, the family, the connections, the guardian angels of our dogs and kids, the warm fuzzies coming in amidst all the...what did we decide to call it......compost, yeah that's it, compost.

To set one record straight for any of the Aire-Zen crowd or anyone else who doesn't get when I am being playfully sarcastic. My silly pup, aka Cedar's Brother, is happier at daycare than he is being with me. And that makes me happy. I like to be at Auntie Lydia's, too, especially when she has tea and shortbread or when she is showing something fun or mischievous the dogs are doing. And I love Alice. Porter doesn't but he will. And I have permission to share pictures with Darling Reacher, another new pup at Camp Alice sometimes.

This came in today from my cousin. And the funny thing was that "yes" I had felt Held, uplifted, silly-happy, and almost singing to myself during a long, hard day. This was why. I was plugged in...or the shield is down.

I was at a meeting yesterday with a bunch of people who attended Dad's funeral. One Jesuit gushed, "We just LOVED your cousin! Wanted to scoop her up and take her home!" Dittos all around...then lots of comments about how lucky we are to have you in our family and how blessed your students are. If you were feeling warm, fuzzy, loved feelings yesterday around 1, they may have been coming from SU!! Love to you......brazen perhaps, but after I thanked her, I asked if any of those Jesuits or their friends would like to hire me next year. :)

Have a sub tomorrow. Will be at a math conference. Plan to take the bus. Very, very proud I am of Team Washington at the Curling Nationals in Minnesota. Get those cowbells clanging!!!

Off to bed. The fire has heated this cottage up. I have had my tea. I am not going to try and redo all that lost work tonight. I am going to dream. And think about how happy my dog is at Auntie Lydia's and how happy I am that The Aire Zen Circle still looks out for me and mine. There is so much love and doghair in my world. BARROOOOOO-ROOOO-ROOOOOOO!


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