Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life's too short for fussing.
And I certainly do my fair share.
Even though I have been working on breaking that habit for the longest time.
How about you?
Any fussage success stories? Or maybe fussing works for you?

As you can see,I am still on this simple living kick...
And it's struck me that when I am not happy, I fuss.
When I go to a lovely brunch with my folks, I spend time fussing to them about things in my life I don't like. What kind of nonsense is that?
I'll just have to go to lunch again and be a much better listener because I am really more interested about what is going on for them. Next month.

I found someone to teach me how to snowshoe. That is on my list for now, this winter. No more waiting. Going to try it. And if I like it, I am going to learn to drive in the snow.

The kids in secondgradeland are enjoying making wooden train models.
There are only 20 weeks left of school for this year.


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