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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Un flambeau, EMR?
Mais, oui, don't mind if I do. Except it isn't the same torch I will carry into the lengthening light of the days to come, it's more like a lava lamp.
Stress takes on different meanings for me now (a.d.). Stress is more opposition to change. And everything changes or WILL change. And thus I stress. Until I learn not to.
So, the torch of losing what Yuletide has meant to me was loaded...until I changed my perception and expectations. I can participate. I can dance a little, help a little, smooze a little, sing a little, sell CD's a little, schelp a little, chat a little, laugh or create the occasion for laughter, hold my Father's hand while he snores under the stage at the Lincoln Theater in Mt. Vernon, listen with awe and my "other Heart Light" to my brother and sister sing and heal the world, travel to and from concerts with my thoughts, Xmas music, a thermos of coffee, and snacks...the torch changed and I didn't lose..or lose out. It's now a lighter version, a lava lamp until it changes again. And I change with it. Who knows, nex
I've already had Christmas and it isn't even Christmas yet. I braved a mall! I got on a plane and went to a Christmas party in L.A. for heaven's sake! I have enjoyed spontaneous Christmas gatherings and cups of tea. I have enjoyed countless walks to look at Christmas lights. I have said "Merry Christmas" and "Bright Solstice" and "Merry Merry" and meant it. I have taught this pup that he may not drink out of the tree stand and that I could use a little less help with the wrapping (or unwrapping and shredding as the case may be). It makes me chuckle to think that I will once again be wrapping up the same little Christmas ring toy that came into this home for Fiona and Sadie years ago. It was Cedar's favorite, too. And guess what, Porker's! Wrap it up. He will love it! Wassail! Wassaiiill all over the town.....


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