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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tired. Happy.
My pup: tired.happy. chewing on a bone instead of bamboo, old newspapers, or pinecones. We don't need more kindling since we can't have a fire in the stove during this clear cold spell.

Tomorrow is the Christmas program at school. This year it is not just the students from the school. It involves other musical groups and choirs associated with this community.

Today was a difficult day. The kids are wearing on each other. Name-calling. Whining.Excluding. Not playing fair. Cheating. Shoving. Tattling. I didn't lose it although it would have been very easy to. I also have distracted students in years past with projects to do. And then stressed about the finish before break process which was always a hassle. Not doing that dance this year. More story time. One project--woodworking some simple wooden angels to hang. Singing. Walks outside. We shall see.

Off to Southern California this weekend for a Christmas party at the home of dear friends. When we were finished with Yuletide last year and I thought there would be no more dancing, I rsvp'd. Back Sunday.

I get to learn the (?)Shamash---the ancient and beautiful prayer of the Chosen people on Monday. A parent volunteer is going to come in and share her Hannukah traditions, songs, games, and special spiritual practices for our Winter Holidays Around the World
segment. I have some work to do to prepare the other lessons. A sweet little unit.

There were some funny things that happened at recess today while I was on duty. I wrote them down and forgot them at school. Maybe another time. Sleep has arrived.


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