Mississippi Moments

Monday, November 23, 2009

Coffee. Fire.Soft music. Soft light. Pup chewing on first Kong breakfast. Work in hand. Laundry going. A lovely morning. Workout coming up. Walk, too.
Wet, slimy, cold, outside this weekend. Fun walks and playtime.
New bird I can't identify. We think it might have been a raven commenting on our game of sheltie ball in the lower garden. The waters of the river were up and over in parts of the lower meadow. It was a gift to watch the elk come up and over the river bank and into the lower meadow just as we returned from our walk up into the hills across the road. Lots of mud. Lots of sniffs for Porter. Baby deer, too, checking us out. Momma was lost to disease a few weeks back. Little Feather is not sure they will make it through the winter.
Cozy, intellectually stimulating, connective evening. Simple, vegan harvest meal. Cozy sleeps. Good long drives for thinking. Home to hot water and nap.

I am thinking on what some consider is necessary for their lives in living and working situations..and how that is different from what I think is necessary for me. I am not as into simple as I had hoped. I also don't want to give up certain things unless I have to. I also don't want to keep paying the price (energy, time, financial, emotional, mental) for some of it. I also like not sharing a space with other humans right now. For the time being.


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