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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some days it is hard to live with fear.
It just is.
Going to do it anyway. And go hang around children until I remember what's Real.
Hot water heater should be mostly fixed. The other parts have been special ordered and will need to be specially bent and formed here. Not my problem to solve. Should have been done last year when this was installed. The Holy Spirit stepped in yesterday.Good things happened in the afternoon to fix what was actually wrong with the new tank and there were several things wrong. Thank heavens for warranties which expire next week!

Yesterday was a tough day at Cancer Care. Apparently I have tiny veins and haven't been drinking water. Forgot about that part. Lots of poking and thrashing and no staying stuck. I hate that. And I felt everything yesterday--first day of my period. I can practically see through walls I am so sensitive during the first 48 hours. I can tell you what the folks two blocks away are making for dinner. It's weird. And it was not a tough day for me in that I got another all-clear. I was around a lot of people who did not. And who were in tough, tough, tough places. It is so hard to be there. I talked with my team about stretching my visits out. After the next 90 day check-up, we can begin there.

Lots of extra school hours over the next few days. Then down to the Field for Thanksgiving with Family of Choice. Porter really loves to play in the lower garden and bounce in the tall grasses looking for me or the ball or both. I am looking forward to a long walk in the woods on unused logging roads. Need to be in the woods.
Fear.....doesn't have a place in my Life. Or if Fear does, then sit down, please, right next to Kiss My Adorable B&%$ Attitude, "what would you like in your tea?", and what do you have to share with me in the form of a gentle lesson...and I accept 7 year old humor if you have any good jokes.

On one other note, as I have been thinking about what I want and expect in the forms of new to me work in my future, I have noticed that every place I have been thinking about has had job openings in the EXACT spots, with the EXACT hours I was thinking about, and the expected compensations...hmmmmm. Turi, this is one big expansive Uh-Huh.........


  • At 7:00 AM, Blogger The Freewaydiva said…

    Funny, that...


  • At 7:26 PM, Blogger Brigid said…

    we have a new reason to put our toilet seats down in our house and when we don't we get friendly little reminders. Apparently toilet bowls are just the perfect height for a thirsty dog......and I guess it tastes better than the clean water in his bowl.


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