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Friday, November 13, 2009

Porker has outgrown Fiona's gortex raincoat. Sadie's extra-wide version just fits him. He is almost 7 MONTHS old. On the spectrum of ottoman likeness variability, what comes after "brickhouse"(Sadie's designation)? Off to the ocean (thank you Julie and Sara for that Christmas gift)...need this very much.

Was reading last night in Anne Lamott's Plan B: something struck me and stuck...
"Reading was like breathing fresh ocean air, or eating tomatoes from old man Grbac's garden. My parents and librarians, along the way, taught me about the space between words; about the margins, where so many juicy moments of life and spirit and friendship could be found."--p. 143

There is no hot water for baths here. Pilot light on the new water heater does not work. My dad did his "Mission Impossible over the Phone and No, you won't blow your house up (I think)and if you do, there's always room here" talk while I was trembling down in the basement and going through the directions with him. Thank you, Mon Pere.

I dislike getting ready for substitute teachers. Now we shall see if this new simplified version of "it don't matter anyway" is going to work. It will or it won't and I won't be there to worry about it. There will be no pieces to pick up. We shall just continue where we left off when I return. I have a couple of days of appointments at Cancer Care Alliance next week. Another, not my favorite thing...but I seem to have been bitten by the writing bug. Took the lid off that Dream while on the treadmill this week and something Big is percolating inside. It makes room in my chest like Montana does. I like this. Haven't felt this uncontracted since doing the Waldorf teacher training art sections. All is possible. And it is as if Someone removed a damn dam. Someone did. Me. Whoa...


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