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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So this is what happens when I get out of my way and leave space...
* I got a choreography job which I am loving. Creative, historic, expressive, here and now. It also exactly brought in what I needed for my savings goal for this month...to the penny. I had asked for work that I loved to do, on a schedule that would not drain me or interfere with Porter's care, my work for Tara, or my energy. Check.
*The bumper will be taken care of on my car as soon as I make the appointment. And there is humor around this little accident. And next time I will trust and act on the gut-hunch whisper that said If you park here today, your car will be hit even though you have been waiting 12 years for this particular spot to open up anyway...and sure enough, my car was hit by one of the nicest people I know.
*I needed a new pair of boots. Cute ones. Porter has taken a couple of bites out of my menopause lavendar ones and they are leaking. So at work, on an aside, a colleague yells down the hall--Do ya need a pair of boots? Green ones? Green frog ones? Size 7 WIDE. Exactly my size, cute yes, oh my goodness. They stink 'cause they're new. Some time in the compost will fix that.
*Got another big bill from Cancer Care Alliance. Made a plan to call to ask about a pay-over time program. I am good for it, I'm just not going to refinance the house again. The kind woman at the other end said,"Oh, our computer made a mistake. A MISTAKE. It spit out the patient obligations before they were verified and confirmed. Right now, technically, you owe nothing. This could change, but right now, today, your balance is 0!! (and then she explained the pay-over-time program and it will work for me and not penalize me for doing it in bits.)
*And there are more...I could get used to this.

On another note-my dog bit Auntie Lydia on the head today and jumped up on her table to take her dinner (while she was in the process of eating it). This story definitely will be continued. Yes, I still have a dog. He still gets to go on the field trip tomorrow. Whether or not he gets to get out of the truck is another matter entirely.


  • At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Virtual {{{hugs}}} and hopefully in person ones soon. Love you, maude


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