Mississippi Moments

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Found the living room floor.
Found the kitchen counters.
Found half of the kitchen table.
Found the stove and made soup (vegetable rice)
Found the floor of the sage room.
Found some more floor and shelf space in the garage.
Found some basement floor space.
Found some more bookshelf space.
Found both beds and will readorn them with clean linens.
Washed all dancing tights and other things.
Washed other things.
Goodwill is gonna win and so am I.
Feels good to love on this home and lighten it up. And my mood.

The Family Stone is an endearing movie.
I like to cook for my dog, too.
We had fun at Zen Puppy Kindergarten this morning. (Some people are bringing their dogs 4 and 5 times a week--you can do that at this place. I think they are crazy or I am just lazy or old-fashioned. Or maybe everyone is just doing what works best for their own pack. That's probably it. No guilt trips. No out of balance doing too much for the wrong reasons here.)

The Wild Goose has departed Iona to come live here at Fair Isle for awhile. I have temporarily postponed my plans to empty this house, buy an RV and run away. May still do it but for different reasons.


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