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Sunday, November 08, 2009

The good things just keep comin'.
Read Danny Westmeat in the Seattle Times today about Lee the Logger if you haven't yet. More to chew on.
Yesterday, I danced with my 5 sistahs IN THEIR OWN STUDIO getting ready for some Yuletide performances (or not for whomever wants to or not as the case and choice may be)...it is not the performing that feeds my soul...it is the being together, moving together, laughing together, learning together, missing our one who isn't here in body and sweat and who is in our hearts, challenging each other, drawing close, laughing because our 9 and some year old niece totally outdances us and now when she makes suggestions for the steps we are creating, even the pieces she is showing us are beyond our current capability (except for her mother)and she doesn't know it...or she does and is gracious. Either way, I had me some piece of Heaven right here. And I watch myself in the mirror as I dance and am ever grateful for all the walking and treadmilling and Curves R US because my endurance, power, and breath are all in there, in sync, in balance, and in power. There is energy when I want it. I DANCED WITH MY SISTAHS YESTERDAY. I DID. I DID.

And I am preparing for family conferences at my work. Just another hurdle. And I have learned to stop myself when I get into the old groove of too much. No one wants to hear it. It doesn't help the kids (apparently) and I want the time and energy for other things like playing with my dog, dumping another tub or two in the garage, baking bread and making soup and writing. Man, this is Good.

Book Group. Need I say more. I stayed up almost 2 hours past my bedtime because of our community and discussion and Life together last night. I love my Village! And this Golden-haired and Hearted Dog named Star. More bliss-In front of a cozy fire with tea in hand and intelligent women speaking of fear and folly and faith and force..and Gene Rodenberry. Who is a prophet and Wise One for our time. Need to watch some Star Wreck to understand what they are really talking about. I don't remember any plots or characters really although I do remember the boots the ladies wore on the bridge. And the little pins on their uniforms. And how the Captain couldn't talk without sounding like he was hyperventilating.

And I saw the choreography pieces that I did of Pride and Prejudice for the play. It was lovely. And I had fun. And I went...on a Friday...when I am toast...and was glad for it. HNA is a good place for girls...old and young.

And I made a decision to go forward one last time with this adoption journey. One last time. See what comes to us. Or to lay it down. And move on. Like Lee the Logger.

And I love it when Murray comes over to kick Porter's round furry butt. It is like a boxing hedgehog a la manner of a beetle on its back. With teeth. And then Murray starts to growl and his dog-mom pulls him off and he bays at her BAROOOO-OOOO-OOOOO and she puts him on his back and my hedgehog-ottoman gets in the mix and initiates play again before he runs and hides under the Mermaid Pool or the tarps of the woodpile. He gets so tired and I get some time with Brigie.

And I am thinking on returning to French. I can do one date this month. I miss that Village, too. My energy is coming back as I put other things down, respect the sleep I need (or try---4-5 hours a night is the max these days--going through the Change I suppose--and am glad for that--this Body is a gift and one that I love now. No more room or time for self-hatred or actions which don't love it). More baths I say.

I have an "inkling" that is percolating. Keeping it to myself while I do something about it. And I just finished the last of the Narnia books this morning--The Last Battle. Talk about a church experience with coffee and classical music in the background.

Time to do laundry. And some assessments. And bread baking. Going to find out how to make something delish with polenta. And I am going to share with families about their special kids. And as annoying as they are, I am one lucky teacher.


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