Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

"It's up to us.
We can spend our lives cultivating our resentments or we can explore the path of the warrior--nurturing open-mindedness and courage. Most of us keep strengthening our negative habits and therefore sow the seeds of our own suffering. The bodhichitta practices, however, are ways for us to sow the seeds of well-being."--Pema Chodron

Beautiful, lovely, ripe moon.
It is tie for dishes and then bed. Too tired for anything else.
I want to go to Wight's this year and to Sky Nursery.
Also the Christmas ship is coming to Golden Gardens on Dec. 15th. I plan to enjoy that one. First time for so many things!

And my pup is officially a "wanna-bee". I have videos to prove that he sounds just like an Airedale when he is with them! Some things are more than right in my world---in the Jonestown sense!


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