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Monday, November 30, 2009

I have gone over to the dark side.
I have now officially read Book 1: Twilight. Silly me...did not know there were others. 3 to be exact. I guess I have been preoccupied with other things these past two years. Just checked out the synopsis of each one and look forward to more brain candy on our next school break. Will someone please tell me why the current, most popular female main characters have to be weak, lacking in self-confident whiners who can't make up their own minds? Is this the appeal to the under 20 crowd? On the other hand, I also finished Esperanza Rising, an excellent story whose main character also has lots of questions and must learn to cope with trauma and change in her life during the Depression times here in the U.S. as a Mexican immigrant. Her life changed radically as the only daughter of a kind, successful wealthy ranchowner when her father was murdered and her home and livelihood were destroyed in a fire. She and her mother come north to save their lives and the challenges continue. Looking forward to book group discussion on this one. Would also like to bring Twilight into the book group perhaps....

I met a camel named Curly on Saturday, a mini Christmas burro named Mo and three reindeer- Blitzen, Dasher (?), and Jingle. Jingle was busy at the photo shoot. Tried to find Russian sage but t'isn't the season for that. That was fun to go to Swanson's to check out the ho-ho-ho spirit up there. Thanks, Jean, for the idea.:)

Rested these knees. And hip. Wrecked myself playing soccer at the mudbowl..and a couple of months of ignoring my wellness regimen where knees are concerned. Wanted tortellini and other snacks. Extra weight on joints-not good. Makes me walk like my grandma. Must turn this around again. Cannot chase children and proceed throughout my day without grunting with this situation.

The Celtic Yuletide season is off. I went yesterday to help and hang out. Did both. There is one piece that Philip plays that he composed this fall when he was in Ireland. I tell you I was transported over wind and waves to faerie realm when the violin and 'cello wove in. Looking forward to more soothing magic and choices.

Porter is fine. And furry. And full of himself.

Busy at school these next few weeks.
Still working to conclude this water heater issue satisfactorily. Not there yet.
Grateful for cozy nights.
I need to check in with my niece to see if I can be on Team Edward AND Team Jacob.


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