Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sometimes you just can't see the sunny side of things.
Sometimes you don't know where to look.
Sometimes you just don't care to look.
And you take your weary self to bed.
After walks and quiet forgiveness for the crabbies, no energy, flooding (and we ain't talking basement--thank heavens), no motivation, and no care about any of it. Bedtime. Sleep. Classical music. Emergency professional teacher outfit. Make-up. Breath mints. Lipstick. Happy face practice in the mirror before getting in the car. Same kind of practice before getting out of the car. Review what lessons. How. Double the time needed. Practice happy face one more time. Almost faint when Kindergartener brings a ziploc of homemade (obviously home decorated by him) sugar cookies for YOU, Ms. R! Just for you!! Glad to have done all that happy face practice. It came in handy!


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