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Friday, January 08, 2010

And may God hold you in the palm of God's hand....
You know that one, right?
There are some times when it feels like I am hanging off the very tip of God's thumb by the skin of my teeth or the elastic of my Big Girl Undies...either way, I'm just glad that I know that the Hand is around when I need it and when I forget that I do.

Been an interesting week. Yes, "interesting".
I'm pretty tired. Grief does some powerful numbers on the psyche and the bod.
Here is where the deep, sensual French male voice interjects, "But of course, darlingk, it izz vendredi...I mean, Friday. Have some wine or anuzzehr cup of tea and take your shoes off."
Don't mind if I do.

It is coming down out there. Drenching. Even the bamboo ain't holding up it's so wet.
Glad I have enough dry firewood until tomorrow when I will have fun slipping and sliding to load some in the house and it won't matter how wet we get.

Going to try and keep the pup deconed for 15 minutes and see if he can chew on something other than himself. He does not like the conage. I do if it saves us more trips to the vet.
Now where is my oj and chard?


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