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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Book of Guinness and the Gift Fairy
Couldn't help myself with this one.
We are preparing for the students in my class too lead weekly Lenten Mass.
We started to practice the readings to day.
My first reader solemnly stood up, took a deep breath, and pronounced:
A reading from the Book of Guinness.(Genesis).
I almost wet myself.
...then a bit later, big discussion about who was doing what
jobs"...one springy, happy youngster came bounding up and said "I am a Gift Fairy" (Gift Bearer-she misheard..or not)...which was then disputed by a boy in the know---he shook his head, screwed up his mouth just so, and looked at her askance and said,"Uh-uhhh-you're not a Gift Fairy. That's not what it's called. You're a Magi. They bring the Gifts.

I love this brand of my faith. Now back to my Lenten fast.


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