Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

"Tell me about a joy in your life that came unexpectedly, a moment that you did not even know you were waiting for, that caught you off guard and made you smile."--The Invitation, Oriah Mountain Dreamer, p. 55

Yes, I really want to know. And I bet that when you think on it and retell it, it will make you smile again. And I bet you can think of more than one!
Lay them on me!

Back from Gray's Harbor and Lewis Counties. Helping a friend to move from one beautiful spot to another. She is on to her new life. Spent alone time with my dog bouncing around on trails and deer tracks, checking out the growing progress of lately planted cedars and other evergreens. Watched spiders and other insects do what they do when not being interfered with by big, pink monkeys plundering through. Listened to lots of birds and a few rivers. And the wind. Decided to leave Fiona and Sadie and Cedar where they are. They are not there anymore. Just my heart in the ground with a big cairn of rocks on top. That's what's there. And happy memories. Change is always a challenge. Any kind.

Playing the harp again. Every day. I like this.
Having a hard time being back in the city and caring about "stuff". Resting. That's what I am doing. Or trying to do. Hope it doesn't rain this weekend for Point No Point.


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