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Thursday, August 19, 2010

There is a spider the size of a coffee mug in the bathtub this morning.
How charming..will forgo shower before my first aid/CPR class today. Getting all my sub ducks in a row. Will do the paperwork today and tomorrow and then after school begins, go and introduce myself to school secretaries and leave a calling card with my info and a cute picture on it.

Been fighting ants. We have an infestation at Fair Isle. They got into the dog food. Had to throw out a couple of months worth. Sigh. But then the Universe kicked in and within two hours, we were gifted with two sealable dogfood tubs and a replacement bag of what Porter eats to get us through September. Auntie Lydia loves us! Thank you Auntie Angel. This is Porter's last play overnight at Camp Alice for awhile. We will have to work out tea/chat visits and dog play this fall.

Managed to kill/break the weed whacker yesterday but not until I had finished a big section of the side of the house. Been getting at the jungle some everyday for a couple of hours. I was digging comfrey and comfrey roots with Porter yesterday. They are tough. Embedded. Amongst all the broken glass, rusty nails, twisted screws, and beer caps (not mine)and porcelain chips, I dug up a golden heart bead! That ranks right up there with finding marbles and WWII era soldier-metal-action-figure-guys.

Had my first harp lesson with a different teacher. I am learning music theory. I am also learning to let go and just play intuitively. I rarely just PLAY with the harp...just mess around. I understand that this is a big part of learning to play. We shall see. I have some goals about, what else, Christmas carols.

Took down my wall of Celtic Yuletide posters yesterday. Still reeling from that. I need a barn. I plan to clean them up, laminate them, and put them up somewhere. For now, the wall needs to be cleared. Like everything else. I am planning to paint the kitchen. And scrape and paint the corners and niches on the outside of the house to match the siding.

I am discovering the power of 20 Mule Team Borax. I can never clean my house and get the same results as the Cleaning Fairy GodAuntie...she is sharing her secrets with me and I am going to learn. One funky thing about funky little homes with funky inhabitants and dogs--there is no way to get them clean and then to stay clean. Maybe that is another one of those juicy metaphors I will write about someday.

Off to check on that spider and go to class.


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