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Friday, August 06, 2010

Sacred Idleness.

That's what Sarah Ban Abundance calls it.
---"sacred idleness"--unexpected, melodic days of undoing to balance the discordant days of doing too much. Like grace, this blessing had come out of the blue."--Simple Abundance, August 6th

Seems to be the task at hand.
Seems more difficult to find this rhythm.
Seems like a good sleep and/or naps are key to this.
And an unfilled calendar.
And plenty of water.
And a sense of hope and healing.

Third baby bird released from the woodstove. Was not able to free one that fell down this weekend. Sad that was. Will be asking a bro-in-law for some help with that. He doesn't seem to mind heights. Little Feather gave me the heads up on the stuff we need to wrap the chimbley with so they won't fall through. The good thing is that every perchable surface in my front "cabin" room has been blessed by baby bird--including the big harp. Time for baby birds to bless from the outside.

I am so not used to sleeping in. 6:30 is so wanton.


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