Mississippi Moments

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I swept my kitchen floor this morning all by myself!

This is progress. No meds today yet. Of any kind. Feeling the energy come. Feeling the energy stay. Feeling better, so much better.

Fletcher spent last night in the emergency room again last night. He says (with rueful cheer) that he has two dizzy dames in his life. His darling daughter hit her head and neck on the back of a couch at a friend's house. Big concussion, thankfully no other damage. She will be sore for awhile. That is three for three. She was in the emergency room several times two weeks ago. Then it was my turn. Then hers again. That should be plenty for awhile. Poor Fletcher. You can tell the measure of a man by what he does in emergencies. And how he acts with children, animals, and his mother. Especially when he doesn't know that you are watching.

I have been given a full measure this time 'round who wants to go in the same direction as was said to me this week, "standing in the traces together". That so works for me.

The neighbors are starting to comment/complain about the prairie look of my front garden. Will get on that soon. Not personally. My energy is not there yet. It is for other.


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