Mississippi Moments

Sunday, June 27, 2010

"Darkness has to rise
and be released.
We cannot walk in Light
hiding fear...anger...resentment...deep within us...
and be whole and joyous.
Hidden darkness is combustible
It seeps out into our world.

In the midst of Light
we see pockets of darkness
little by little until we are face to face
with the monster we have hidden so carefully within us...so deep inside...
Let us let the darkness go
no longer do we have to hold onto the lie
a prisoner to it

We are the Children of Love
Fear not another moment.
For the Truth will set us free
to be All we Are.

Dear Father/Mother God
hold our hands Now
so we have the strength to rise above the darkness
Open to love.-----Ananda Polito

Been down most of the weekend. My body is in rebellion. Haven't had vertigo like this in ages, gut drama, sparkly peripheral vision, tingly fingertips...Parts of my mind jacking around too. Heart is somewhat scattered. Sleep. More sleep. Lots of sleep. Long walks with my dog. Just now up and trying to find my kitchen table and go through boxes of wishes and thanks from families from this year and years past. I am not ungrateful. But this is hard. Hard work. I have saved a couple of notes. You are welcome to read them if you like. I am putting them here so I will find them at a later date when I need to.

On a little green note covered with hand-drawn hummingbirds:
Dear Ms. R.,
I loved drawing birds and I loved woodworking to. And loved nature sketching too.
From C-

Dear Ms. R (all in her best cursive--her mom told me that she spent several hours on this):
I love having you as a teacher. You care for us. You look out for us. You love us too. I love learning with you. You make everything fun. You always have a smile on your face. All you do all day is make everyone happy! Sincerely, E-

Dear ms r,
I will realy, realy, realy, real.miss you. you have tought me so much, I would fall asleep when I'm done. You are a realy, realy, good purson, thank you. sinsinserely, c.t.

Dear mrs. r.
you are a cool techer. Dud!!! love, b-

Dear Ms. R-
I like all your clothes pins. You are a good teacher. I really like that you teach us form drawing and Irish dancing. Do you like the rain? I like the rain? What kind of a dog do you have? I have two dogs. One is a chocolate lad. And a beagle. love your friend, K-
..and there are more. (which I'll hold in my bottom drawer for a bit until I can let them go)

It hit like a smaller ton of bricks on Friday night. That there is not a classroom with children to go to in the fall. Other stuff hit on Friday night. Such tender, sensitive beings we are. Cut my breath off. This is new and not so improved. Just different. It is going to be okay to feel lost for awhile. But J.R.R. and J.the B. had it right--Not all who wander are lost....And deserts can be good places to listen...


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