Mississippi Moments

Monday, June 14, 2010

Trust the flukes.
That's what Melodie Beattie wrote in this morning's words for chewing. She had some thoughts as she was driving through the painted desert in Arizona.

"Weather the storms. Let them pass. Keep your balance, as best you're able. Remember to be flexible and sway with the winds like the tall trees in the forest. Trust the flukes, too, those moments when it snows in the desert.
Let destiny have its way with you."---p.291, Journey To The Heart

The flukes are showing up in boxes that I have stashed high up on shelves I had forgotten about---with heron feathers and owl pins and wolf etchings. And words about Breathing and Letting Go.

Tears and Laughter are both signs of an open heart.
The tears that are flowing are not mine. But I shall think of them as snow in the desert. And that's Grace in the Now.

(I found her picture, too, yesterday, with Grandpa Raney, in the backseat of the car on their 50th. I have been missing that picture for 2 years! It was ready to come out. Like tears in the desert.)


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