Mississippi Moments

Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting ready for another long walk in the rain.
And firing up the woodstove once again. How cozy is that?
Been looking around craigslist for the fun of it this morning--what a bunch of wackos.
Interesting wackos. I sure don't like the energy around some of the "forums"--folks cannot spell. They don't write respectfully. Don't even try to find a complete sentence. And helpful or creative tips...hah! Much better to keep with what I have already learned and use the library and personal connections for ideas...especially these days when I have 0 brain cells to put to anything other than what I already know how to do.And fill more boxes of stuff to give away while making soup. And bread.

Taking more stuff to Goodwill. Want to know if anyone has a copy of DVD HP and Half-Blood Prince I could borrow? If not, I will put myself on the wait list for the library. Something to look forward to:)

Off to walk, steward stuff, and think. Lots of that this weekend.


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