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Friday, May 07, 2010

Darth Vader gives driving directions! Whoduhthunkit?
Just saw it on facebook.
Going to spend the day being with our Frannie who is recovering from surgery. And she is one drugged up Irish redhead. We will see how that goes. My turn to give back some of what was so lovingly given to me. I love how the Universe gives us hands-on, hearts-on opportunities for this type of thing.
I have been asked several times now directly if I will stay at my job.Please. What could they do to get me to stay.
I have said no each time. Politely. Firmly. With a smile.
I am looking into going back to school next year. My niece in Missouri is inspiring the heck out of me and so is Miz Coli in North Carolina with the lightning bugs. I am talkin' to the folks right now.
I watched a poignant movie from netflix last night called "Devil's Arithmetic" about the Holocaust. I ordered it after seeing "Life is Beautiful". Ready for something less dark but thankful for having seen it. Don't have too much in me for reading other than poetry and gardening books at the moment. Working hard at school and kind of tired at night. Finally sleeping. I like the sleeping stuff.
Still thinking about how cool it would be to have Darth Vader or Han Solo telling me to turn left....or recalculate. I believe I would use it even drive to the dance studio!:)


  • At 10:55 PM, Blogger Meg said…

    I hope you aren't talking about me because I am pretty certain I am not inspiration worthy. Do you know where you want to go? Love you and see you hopefully in June.


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