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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Zen Zones
I love working in the garden after a soft rain. I haven't had that simple, grounding pleasure in ages. Tonight I had made a date with myself, the lavendar hedge, and Mother Earth. The bird song blessings and the quiet, colorful changing palette of the sky, the feel of soil on my hands, the pup helping me dig and chase starlings....that whole scene has a way of bringing me Home. Bringing me Here. Bringing me Happy.

I had more wellness appointments today. I am trying to get all this stuff in order before I take off from working fulltime.It turns out I also have a very bad cold--not strep or something ugly. Just a cold and I am run down. 12 hours of straight sleep and a 3+hour nap helped today. So did a long walk in the rain at Shilshole with my pup looking out at the grey water and clouds and sheets coming in. Also, my favorite color palette. Grey, more grey, and grey. Heard one red-winged blackbird today. Odd. The air is usually full of their trill this time of spring.

We sat for a long time watching all the birds and other creatures at low tide down near the wetlands. And a trio of birders went by. Big binoculars were the give away. And one of them looked familiar. Sure enough. I came home and looked him up in the back of one of my bird books. He was one of the authors. He is also the raptor expert at the Zoo. Almost said something to him and his friends but we were in our Zen Zone and they were in theirs.

My friend Scott McLean got into one of his zen zones for the summer. Meet the newest ranger down at Mount Tahoma. It's gonna rock some more down there with that energy!

Porter got his fur jets kicked by Murray last night. Murray is three times his size now and fast and funny. Porter kind of plays but mostly runs and hides but boy, do we hear about it the half hour after when he is running to the door, fence, window, back gate looking for his buddy. Strange play dates but it wears him out.

Going to garden now most evenings since the last big hurdle is finished for secondgradeland. Last night was our celebration of learning. In spite of being nervous, I let the room and the kids do the talking. I hung out in the back with the four and five year old crowd and we were busy building boats. It was a fairly painless evening. I have no idea how families responded to what was shown them and what their children are learning. It seemed to go well but then I never know at that place. I did my job. And the children did theirs. That is good enough.
We go to O'Dea for chemistry with the big boys who don't tie their shoes or tuck in their shirts either. I hope their teacher will read from Saint of the Day and say the Our Father much slower so the second graders can keep up. We are excited. I am going to bed now with the scent of lavendar and soil up my nose. How lucky can I get?


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