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Monday, April 26, 2010

Happy Mirthday and Simple Abumdance!
(Yep, I wrote that in my blased state of not quite myselfness and it's cracking me up so I am keeping it.)
I am thankful for having had the first naps Heartbeat-to-Heartbeat with Mother Earth this weekend, warm sunshine on my back, and then I turned over and enjoyed the outlines of osprey and eagle, kingfisher and wood-duck skydancing.I am, at present, home sick from work. It has been a lovely day even though I can't figure out what is wrong with me--why I still ache like this, why I have an ache inside the leftside of my head, why I am nauseous still and frequently, why I am dizzy, why my throat hurts, why my teeth, toenails, hair follicles, and eyelashes hurt---this is not fun. And I am still not complaining. This, too, shall pass. At least I am between the two mooncycles I am having per month right on the new and full moons. (And if you don't like how personal we get on this blog, might I direct you to the blog next door.) SO I am home instead of having a lovely cup of tea with dear friends or out to dinner with my parents and other beloveds. There ya have it. I did have a sweet little walk in the rain with my pup, a quick but seriously wet game of sheltie ball after our walk, a hot soak, the too quick end of a great book (Founding Mothers by Cokie Roberts), and many wishes, prayers, and songs for my rebirthday. Or as Frannie calls it "Mirth Day"....I really like that.
I don't get into birthdays. Don't know why. I am always so grateful for the circle of beloveds who are in my sphere. I am grateful (although I might not always admit it) for those who were formerly in my sphere and who are not anymore. I am grateful for those who are coming. I want to be able to be at peace, in joy, in thanksgiving, in simple abumdance and order, with access to tea, coffee, Tuscan food, doghair, cedar trees, trilliums, a simple dry home, a garden, family and friends to love, balance and strength and clarity in health, good and meaningful work, a faith that is nourished by community, ritual, service, and Spirit. Movement, adventures, solitude, forgiveness, sex, wine, bonfires, sharing stories with children, making stories...It's all in there.
She gave me permission to blog. I wonder what she will think of this. I just spent another perfect weekend camping with my Camping Buddy, Mary J. I have been camping with Mary J. longer than all the years I have been married. And I have come to believe that everything I have learned about how successful marriage partnerships work I have learned from camping with Mary J. We are not even married...although we hve been mistaken for being partners many times at some places....apparently we fit a sterotype. Whoduthunkit? We have a rhythm. We are so in sync that we don't even have to talk about what we will bring for meals. We always seem to have what the other one did not bring. Same goes for cooking implements. And firebuilding needs. And first aid. And toilet paper. And drawing supplies or bird identification booksor games.We have worked out the rules years ago. It makes for respect and flow and space and community and laughter. There is an ease and a familiarity. There is a breathing that happens as we enter into the groove. The first trip of each season is always a bit chunky at first....we find our way. We reestablish the rules (or lack thereof)or remind ourselves. I love our groove. I love our sharings. I love our quiet times. I love our honesty. I love our wisdom. I love our courage. I love our boundaries. I love what we have learned from our health challenges. I love how we are both teachers...period. I love being around someone who gets it. I love the planning of adventures, the having of adventures, the sharing of adventures after the having of them. I love our coffee and tea moments. I love our fireside prayer circles. I love how we take care of each other when one of us isn't at our strongest, clearest, happiest, restedness, or open to life best.. I love how we talk about the difficult things or when and where we have caused harm intentional or otherwise. I love how we have learned about forgiveness and given and received it...or forgotten how or been in too much despair to remember it and the other offers the reminder and promise of Hope. That is what I am thinking on today. That is what is living in me today. And the fact that this gentle woman loves my dogs. And doesn't mind drying dishes. And she let me cook eggs...which is really her job but I was hungry and happy to be outside watching all the fish jumping and all the fisherfolk pulling fish out of the lake. And one eagle...


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