Mississippi Moments

Friday, April 23, 2010

I am thankful for gift of anality...not banality.
The Team this morning apologized for being so anal. Can you believe it? As they gave me another ALL CLEAR and handed me a paper with a message that said see you IN A YEAR. That works for me. THAT WORKS FOR ME!!!! I gave high fives all around (they have plenty of hand sanitizer for when we are through.) I learned early on in this world that the "happy dance" isn't such a good thing in that setting but that air or hand high fives are! I also got an invitation to visit Greece in September and made a date to introduce my pup to a parrot who calls a cat named Charlie "asshole" and who loves all dogs except pugs because he can't find their noses to kiss.
Now I am going to secondgradeland and not try very hard to convince any of us that grammar is important because IT AIN'T. We are going to take our lessons outside with our tennis balls and drawing journals and walking sticks...and if anyone asks what standard we are trying to meet today, I am going to look them straight in the face and say,"LIFE!". Come join us or go find yours. It's not far off!


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