Mississippi Moments

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My home garden is a wreck. Not so big of a wreck but too much for me to handle right now. Puppy is back to being hand fed, tied to me, or in crate or down stay. We are back. This guy is not trained, not respectful, and doesn't even respond t his name or the fact that I am his Person. This will change. Thought this guy might be easier than the last three. Who was I kidding? I just have to learn to do it the smart way and not bang my head against any walls. I have learned that with the two-leggeds this year. Simpler, better, smarter.

Have some other things to put in order on the next job or piece of work front. We shall see. Grace happens.

I am making plans to go to the land of Georgia O'Keeffe. Space, spice, Spirit.


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