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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

A weeded garden is a restful sight.

But, unweeded, it can be dynamic.
See how plants fight for their patch in the sun.
The strong ones survive and not always the handsome.
Perhaps they are the essential plants no one has found the right use for as yet.
Can you trust that out of chaos comes the new?
Order and beauty have fooled many.---Gunilla Norris

Fell asleep to the sound of soft rain coming through the open window last night. After reading to myself outloud-Stories by Firelight-by Shirley Hughes. Of course, there is a selkie in there and a child and a wild stretch of beach off the Scottish coast--and my favorite after the words, swirled, layered illustrations that are not quite in focus. Even better when you are reading by camplight.

Started weeding and working in the garden this weekend. Overwhelming it seems to be. So what. Had a wonderful time digging around, pulling, tussling with grasses. Had to remove the holly on the side of the porch. Keep scratching the side of my car since I can only do the Dorothy "straight line" these days. This, too, shall pass. I would like to get things in the ground and have something to tend to that we can eat or enjoy. Source and Mother Earth are already doing a great job......I get to enjoy all the other gardens on my walks with Porter. My energy and time and focus are on another garden. And the Growing Ones in this garden have shot up like weeds. And are pungent with power and a certain jut of the chin, sidelong looks, and tone of voice. And as onesub-chief undersecretary of the Ministry for the Care and Creative Maintenance of this latest Crop, I take my little patch pretty seriously. And I don't like it when they leave me puddles of prairie schooner paint to slip around in near the sink. And I do like it when they invite me to play high-flyers with whiffle balls (oi!). And then I sit down to look at the accounts and write some more numbers down---and the numbers reflect NOTHING of what I know about this Garden----Order and Beauty have fooled many. The Beauty and Lyrical Chaos I touch daily are Gift. I tussle with them, too. And leave them to make their own Growing decisions. And they leave me to mine.


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