Mississippi Moments

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Leaning back and watching the clouds...
something my dad taught me. Something I did with rich, bored kids in La Jolla one year when we were at wit's end at this time of year. And what they remembered most years later when I reconnected with some of them. Something I did last night when I came home from school. And it was brilliant.
The layers. The wisps. The movement. The colors. The swirls. The places to play and hide and jump. The rain coming in the thick, grey pillows blocking out the sun. Leaning back. Taking time to be still and notice.
I love the way the california poppies curl up and then unfold into warmth. Lovely metaphor.

I also love how songs seem to pop out to say what I feel these days.
My latest favorite--David Gray--"If you want it, come and get it---for crying out loud.....---Babylon

Colbie Callat---Something about taking the first step. Letting go the crutch.

Dixie Chicks----Wide Open Spaces

John Michael Talbot---Christ, illumine me....

Tree63--- Blessed Be Your Name

Sara Groves--It's Gonna Be Alright

Kellie Someone--My Life Would Suck Without You

Anything by Robert Schumann (sp?)

Dougie-----This Love with Carry

EMR at the Kitchen Sink-----Mindless humming while baking pies thinking to herself--What the blip have you done? Oh, that is some fear in your stomach. Wow, these feet are super sensitive today. Thank you, Healthy Body and Mind and Heart. Let's rest. Let's grow something. Let's paint. Let's find what is going to be the New Balance. The New Normal. This fear will pass and this Love will carry. And when all else fails, Smirnoff's cranberry and lime, the McKassons and a very long walk with your dog will put you back on the top step with the shell in your hand.

I feel scared. I feel happy. I feel sad. I feel peaceful. I feel confused. I feel committed (not commit-able). I feel prosperous. I feel quiet. I feel grateful. I feel Life.

We have come a long way, Bebe.


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