Mississippi Moments

Monday, June 14, 2010

Running Interference.

"I'm running interference for you. I have parents lined up in my office crying everyday. How could I let you go? What have I done to make you leave? (My boss) (Then a smile as we pass in the hall--me going down it, she going up toward the office)I said, "Glad they are now coming to you because I can't get my work done with all the interruptions. She: And I can't get my work done either. Me: But you're a really good listener and you get paid the big bucks to do that. Keep up the good work! She: Laughs. Flails her arms wildly and then blesses both of us. Then we walk away to our respective corners.

Snow in the desert. Tears with a smile.
And cheesecake with blueberries and a sweet little lavendar plant----that's what the room parents brought today to say thank you. They asked. They listened. It was perfect.


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