Mississippi Moments

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Most Natural Redheads in One Place!!
Guinness Book of World Records, Folks!
This is the Life that happens when your plans don't.
Had a wonderful time with a special young man at whose behest I was invited. Pretty neat. They cut off the line at 3:30pm. Needed 250 for the record and ended up with 901 not counting the people who did not come in and who were sitting outside the stadium with their redheaded dogs. Music by redheaded artists, proclamation by the mayor of Sammamish, a visit and a chat by formerlynatural redhead. Mr. S. Claus himself. Then official photos. Next year will include a cutting of redhairs for Locks of Love. All in all a special time. Picnic time afterward at Pine Lake. A lovely day.


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