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Monday, August 09, 2010

Platitude..Or Spiritual Homecoming?
"every moment and every event are part of life's journey--none are wrong.
Each one sheds new light on a personal story that is unique. A failure simply opens a new avenue to explore. To make a mistake is to build knowledge, to expand our horizons in different directions...this is why we can say our strength is shown through our weakness. You cannot rise down. You can only rise up.--Monks of New Skete, Rise Up With A Listening Heart

Had the first week of being"off"...and being "off" it was. Nothing felt "right". No rhythm was to be had. All new. All weird. All feeling like a deer in the headlights, I managed to break up and redistribute a pile of rocks, dirt, and concrete mixed with rusty nails and broken glass that those yahoos who worked and wrecked in my backyard last spring left for me to deal with when I "fired" them. The bamboo barrier on one side that they dug is managing to do the job for which it was intended. Shovel in hand and hauling water by hand for thirsty growing ones--happiest part of my week last week. And I am happy, contented more like it. Once I made the decision that New Mexico would have to wait. It will still be there. And I will be here for awhile. Until it is time to go.

Went for a canoe drift around Pine Lake yesterday. Came upon a heron resting on a dock edge. Thought it was a statue at first until it shook out its feathers, craned its neck to look at us, readjusted the one foot balancing act, and settled in as we slipped on by. The pup in the middle of the canoe biting at each paddle drip did not phase it in the least. Then we had the eagle pass over so low that we could count the missing tail feathers on the one side. hearing her calls pearl out to the twilight's edges gave that shivers up the spine sense that we were in something special. And we were. Just what we needed. Simple. Simple. pleasures and moments.

I like being married. I have my brother to thank for this one. This week, it has felt like I was standing in the traces next to my partner. We aren't yoked up yet and we haven't chosen the wagon or load, but we are whickering to each other, blowing air into each other's noses, flicking off flies and biting insects, showing each other the good mud patches for rolling, and enjoying the warmth of standing next to each other in quiet. Not going anywhere for the present. Just being--together. I am one lucky mare.

What will today bring? Certainly not a repetition of last week. I have begun to spin some webs, some plans, some quiet and meaningful pursuits. After coffee, a dog walk, and a workout. Rise up to...


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